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September 2019 Release Notes

Ryan Haidinger on September 27, 2019


The September 2019 release is perhaps the largest feature release in our history, with the introduction of Experience Surveys.

The introduction of Experience Surveys today ushers in over 40 new features & improvements to the system, including new & exciting ways to capture meaningful customer experiences, and display that content on your website. We also made major performance improvements to on-site displays for September. Lastly, a release wouldn't be complete without some new Lootly integrations & updates as well.

Table of Contents

Due to the size of this release, you can use the links below to skip to a specific section.

Section 1: Experience Surveys & Net Promoter Score®

Section 2: Visual Moderation

Section 3: Advanced Visual Capabilities

Section 4: Visual Banner in Email

Section 5: Tag Management

Section 6: Product Review Widget

Section 7: Platform Improvements

Section 8: Lootly Loyalty & Referrals


Experience Surveys Overview

We're excited to introduce you to Experience Surveys by TrustSpot. This suite of features allows you to create an unlimited number of surveys to capture customer experiences, and display those responses on your website.

With the survey tool, the possibilities are endless on how you engage with your customers. Here are some great examples of how experience surveys can help your business:

  • Allow site visitors to share their experience directly on your site.
  • Ask customers to provide feedback on your products or services.
  • Launch a visual contest where Photos & Videos are required to submit.
  • Improve customer service by sending a follow up survey.
  • Capture feedback after an event.
  • Identify customer loyalty with Net Promoter Score®
  • and much more!

Question Types

At launch, we plan to support 11 question types with more on the way soon.

Each question is specifically designed to gather different types of content and show that on your site, or keep privately in moderation. Each question can be optional or required, allowing you to give customers more flexibility.

The Visual Upload feature allows customers to add a personal caption to each photo or video, outside of the actual review. This text is displayed at the bottom of photos & videos, to give better context to users looking at the visual content.


Customize Survey Design

Easily change colors, fonts, buttons, logos and more. You can even add custom background images to fully brand the survey expereince for your customers. See a preview of your survey in real time to make quick changes.



Net Promoter Score®

With the release of experience surveys today, we're also happy to announce the introduction of Net Promoter Score®. Our NPS® system makes it incredibly easy to measure & understand your customers in just a few minutes.

Not familiar with NPS®? Net Promoter Score® is a proven metric utilized by businesses to ask the customer a simple question in order to better understand their overall experience with your company. We recommend to read through our support guide to learn more.


To learn more about Net Promoter Score® visit our support guide.


Visual Moderation

Visual Moderation makes it easy to discover all of your Photos, Videos and Instagram content in a dedicated area. Add visual tags to submissions in order to build custom displays on your website.

  • Moderate visual content from Reviews, Experiences or Instagram
  • Search & filter to find results faster
  • Publish & favorite
  • Add Visual tags to submissions in order to create custom carousels & galleries
  • Social share visual content directly to Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

To learn more about using Visual Moderation and Visual Tags, visit our support article.


Visual Carousel & Visual Gallery

With the launch of experiences today, we are introducing several new features to enhance your customer's experience with visual content. Give your customers the ability to filter & sort content based on their exact needs, and much more. All new features are indicated below:

  • Limit content based on Visual tags
  • Display advanced filters
  • Display sorting options
  • Display content from a unique experience survey
  • Allow customers to submit new experiences directly on your website, with a customized button at the top. You can customize the button text, color, and alignment as well.

To learn more about the new advanced visual capabilities, visit our support article.

Trust Elements

Visual Banner in Email

We're happy to announce a new type of visual display called "Visual Banner". This new trust element is a great way to show your most recent published photos in a dynamic banner - that updates automatically. For example, you could place the banner inside your review request to show examples of visual content to inspire customers to upload their own.

  • Customize the # of images in the banner
  • Customize the image size to better fit your unique emails

To learn more about using the Visual Banner, visit our support article.


Tag Management

With the launch of experience surveys today coupled with visual moderation, we are introducing a new area to better manage all of your tags. The Tag Management screen is the best way to see at a glance everything in the system and make changes if needed. .

  • Support for: Visual and Customer Service tags
  • Add, Edit and Remove Tags
  • Import up to 1,000 tags in bulk
  • Create categories of visual tags, which are used for filters on your visual gallery.

To learn more about using Tag Management, visit our support article.

Product Review Widget

Product Review Widget Updates

We completely overhauled how images are displayed & loaded in the PR Widget to deliver a highly optimized experience for all site users. Below is an overview of all the great updates available in September:

  • Optimized image thumbnails with lazy loading (up to 90% reduction in visual load size)
  • Enlarged image & video item dimensions to be consistent with carousel & gallery
  • Display videos with each review
  • Display photos from product groups
  • Limit review text display if over 500 characters

Misc Improvements

Optimizations & Performance Improvements

Beyond the new features & integrations, we also like to introduce improvements to the platform every month based on feedback and our internal roadmap. Each of these improvements are listed below:

Platform Improvements

  • Optimized image thumbnails on all front-end elements
  • Optimized all moderation screens for faster load speed
  • Updated Instagram Curation to better handle bulk actions
  • Updated rich snippet to support instock value
  • Updated Visual carousel & gallery to support Instagram only content
  • Removed Dashboard from the left menu, re-assigned link to top icon

New Features

  • Fix Spelling for review text & free text submissions (CR/PR Moderation)
  • Change your default screen upon login (no longer has to be the dashboard)
  • Added "Load more" button to the Visual Gallery infinite mode

Extension Updates

  • Updated WooCommerce to support WP 5.2.2 (v1.3)
  • Updated Magento 1 to support parent sku for configurable products (v1.1.2)

Lootly Updates

Lootly now available on Magento 1

We’re happy to announce that our Magento 1 app is now available for Lootly, our Loyalty & Rewards Platform. Lootly makes it easy to establish & grow relationships with your customers, by introducing a Points & Rewards, Referrals or VIP Program.

Ready to get started? Visit the Magento Marketplace to learn more & download the extension.

Lootly Updates

Endless Possibilities with Zapier

In addition to the news today about Magento 1, we're also happy to announce the integration with Zapier. Zapier allows you to connect thousands of other apps into Lootly, enabling you to create custom earning actions and rewards.

To get started with using Lootly visit us and schedule a demo.

Coming Soon for October 2019

The September 2019 release today not only introduced over 40 new features & improvements into the platform, it also introduced the next major product offering with Experience Surveys. We see the experience survey solution becoming a growing part of our platform, and are planning to introduce more updates & integrations for October 2019.

Ryan Haidinger
Ryan Haidinger

Ryan is the co-founder & CEO of TrustSpot. When he’s not thinking of new features or testing marketing campaigns, you can find Ryan at the beach surfing.

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