Aug 21, 2019

Very good website to give rewards


Aug 21, 2019

Delivery time took a while, but it works!


Aug 18, 2019

This is legit prize source!


Aug 18, 2019

Great and legal way to earn money for gift cards, PayPal and games online for Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation.


Aug 14, 2019

It actually works and is great


Aug 13, 2019



Aug 10, 2019

PointsPrizes is a real website.And it is so cool! I like it!


Aug 09, 2019

A great site to earn real cash and giftcards. Easy to earn, or refer people. Very professional and makes life eash to cash out when you are ready. Very legit and good site. Highly recommended.


Aug 08, 2019

Took a bit long but I’m happy I received my code


Aug 07, 2019

This service is amazing! I love using it. However, one thing I didn't like is that you have to wait a long time before you get your prize, but that can be understandable. I got my 20$ PlayStation gift card only after 4 days of work, and it wasn't hard at all. I think this is be best website of its kind, and I tried lots of them. I recommend this to everyone who wants to make money but can't legally work yet. 5/5


Aug 05, 2019

Gracias por mi Targeta de 20 dólares


Aug 02, 2019

i like pointprize


Jul 31, 2019



Jul 29, 2019

PointsPrizes is a good site that has lots of opportunities. There are many different ways to get points and in varying amounts. Some offers are easier to complete than others and it does not take long to figure out which ones will work and which ones are just a waist of time.


Jul 24, 2019

It's decent, however most offers that I use don't work anymore, even if they say "can be completed more than once".


Jul 21, 2019

PointsPrizes is at best, an okay free gift card offering service. Now, the surveys are annoying to go through as there is usually a 1 in 10 chance to complete one, but the poll never changes except reducing the amount you get after reaching a certain amount of points.


Jul 11, 2019

Very good!


Jul 10, 2019

Reliable. If you want to get it the legit way, this is the place. Took me a couple of months to get my reward


Jul 08, 2019

Very great site with incidental payment The only problem is paying 30 days I wish I could shorten payment time Thank you so much


Jul 05, 2019

Very good site, makes to earn money very quickly. Thank you very much PointsPrizes


Jul 03, 2019

I was very skeptical of the site at first. My card arrived on time, and it worked! $20 on my PlayStation account now!


Jul 02, 2019

It took a few months for it to work, but if you’re patient (and use the right offers) then you can really get free gift cards! Worked like a charm!


Jun 30, 2019

Really nice platform to earn some petty cash and offers a wide variety in earning those necessary points to withdraw. One drawback was the amount of time it took to deliver the paypal prize. Other than, great site :)


Jun 29, 2019

i just cashed out on pointsprizes and i'm greatly pleased. at first i thought my prize claim would take a month but it was less about two weeks which is not as long as some other sites. there are plenty of offers like other sites so it shouldn't take long to earn for a reward


Jun 28, 2019

Very trusted


Aug 21, 2019

the websit so legit thanks for a gift card


Aug 20, 2019

It’s the best making money website


Aug 18, 2019



Aug 16, 2019

I vẻy happy to earn money from your site, very professional


Aug 13, 2019

1st I didn’t believe this would work.. had hard time to collect these points.. but when I finally reached my goal and redeemed my prize.. it did really work.. so after all, it was worth it.. it just need to be patience and you will reach your goal at the end.. so thanQ!!


Aug 13, 2019

finally i get the prizes,it tooks me some.time.but it is.true.


Aug 09, 2019

Easy to use in US. I recommend using coupon codes until 500 and then using AdGate media. I was able to get a Minecraft giftcode in just 3 days doing surveys back to back.


Aug 08, 2019

The best website got a 25 pound iTunes giftcard and it worked


Aug 07, 2019

Very nice


Aug 07, 2019



Aug 04, 2019

This the best website


Aug 02, 2019

Hello,easy site to get points and rewards,thanks pointsprizes for it


Jul 30, 2019

My code works good but it took way too long to get it. Around 3 weeks. That is just too long


Jul 29, 2019

You are the best!


Jul 24, 2019

Works well but there there should be more offers


Jul 21, 2019

excelente , pago recibido sin problemas


Jul 11, 2019

It's a good page, because you can están money


Jul 09, 2019

I enjoyed with you


Jul 07, 2019

PointsPrizes is really funny and serious. The payment is REAL and fast.


Jul 05, 2019

Me gusta mucho


Jul 03, 2019

It worked surprisingly well!


Jul 01, 2019



Jun 30, 2019

It worked amazingly and now I can get some games, however it did take 15 days to check and deliver


Jun 29, 2019

I love it


Jun 28, 2019

A great site


Aug 21, 2019

My reward got delivered a day late, but otherwise it was great (hence 4 stars instead of 5). It isn't too hard to get points and when you feel "stuck" there is more points just lurking around the corner.


Aug 20, 2019

They deliver as expected


Aug 18, 2019

thank you


Aug 15, 2019

Four star


Aug 13, 2019

Excelente 100% recomendado


Aug 13, 2019

Good and legit site


Aug 09, 2019

Szeretem ezt a játékot és már fizetett is,


Aug 08, 2019

nice, i have 20$ steam form PointsPeizes


Aug 07, 2019

It's great, the only problem I have is that the review and delivery times could be faster


Aug 07, 2019

Очень хороший GPT. Есть много возможностей заработать денег. Очень рекомендую.


Aug 03, 2019

I am enjoying my experience and I have not faced any problems so far. Great surveys and freat offers.


Aug 01, 2019

Ira si fois for game


Jul 30, 2019

رائع جدا ولكن لو تسهلون طريقة جمع النقاط بطرق عديدة وسهلة وخاصة لبعض الدول العريية ممتاز جدا وأتمني لكم المزيد من النجاح والرقي والإزدهار شكرا لكم


Jul 28, 2019

Really works


Jul 23, 2019

good good


Jul 16, 2019

موقع ممتاز و صادق , ربحت منه بالفعل


Jul 11, 2019

it's a really good site, claimed my first claim and ALSO remember that the surveys and offers work best in wealthy countries such as the US, USA, UK and Australia (plus more).


Jul 09, 2019



Jul 06, 2019

PointsPrizes is the best reward sites, you can earn points for doing things you already do online everyday without any extra effort! simply complete free offers, surveys, read email messages, watch shorts videos, shop online and more! The points can be redeemed for real prizes, like paypal cash and giftcards.


Jul 05, 2019

very good


Jul 03, 2019

I really like this website and it’s real legit too.


Jun 30, 2019

nice job - got what i wanted! is not a scam!!!! :)


Jun 29, 2019

Muy buena


Jun 28, 2019

everything is great and works in pointsprize, it is just that the delivery is more longer then expected, but that isn't that much of a big deal.


Jun 28, 2019

Pointsprizes is a very easily accessible site with many options for trying surveys, games and other apps. These options vary to benefit others from place to place. Offers take some time, but that is simply because of a very large expectation of it arriving on the first date. Please understand that you will still have to wait. (Largely talking to myself there)


Aug 21, 2019

It really works guys I have been using this site for 20 days now and I have gotten Minecraft Java edition (worth 35$) and soon I will be able to get a steam giftcard (worth 20$). If you have a lot of free time I insist on using this website as its fast and easy no passwords required! Thank you for reading


Aug 19, 2019

Very good site


Aug 18, 2019

Pointsprizes is a great giftcard earning app, the only criticism I have is that it takes a while us to actually obtain our giftcards, other than it's great.


Aug 14, 2019

Reached 3750 points very quickly and received my $25 Amazon gift card. This is a genuine site and very good.


Aug 13, 2019

very good website to earn money , i have been using Pointsprizes for a year now and is the No1 paying website on the net right now , i will recommend this to anyone who is trying to make some extra cash online , i just received my my cashh $$$


Aug 12, 2019

Points didn't always redeem and I'm still waiting for my gift card but overall a good sight. 6/10 would use again


Aug 09, 2019

Yay, took some time but I just got a PS code!


Aug 08, 2019

I think this site is a reliable way to earn money and gift cards with the little bit of work you put in every day.


Aug 07, 2019

I finally claimed my first free gift card. I really appreciate pointsprizes website. In the first days offers worked and I earned about 200 points and 500 using coupon a day. But after that, it was very hard to earn point because the offers stopped working... I made a video and shared it. So I earned 1200 points using referrals. I won a few giveaways and I claimed my prize. But after a year. Because the offers doesn't work and there are very few offers for my country. I think 1 year is not a short period. For this, I rate 3/5. Bcs I don't think I can claim my second prize. Anyway this site is one of the best sited I have ever seen!


Aug 05, 2019



Aug 02, 2019

I had so many doubts about this website at first, but decided to give it a shot, and I wasn't dissappointed at all, I just received my $20 USD prize directly to my PayPal account just as expected, will keep on using it!!


Jul 31, 2019

When I first started using this site, I wasnt 100% convinced it would work, but I couldn’t have been more wrong, there are so many easy tasks to complete that pay big amounts of points. I managed to receive over 3000 points within around 2 weeks of using it for 15 minutes a day. I ordered and received my gift of a 20 Dollar steam wallet code on time aswell. If you’re looking to earn money effortlessly use this site.


Jul 29, 2019

So I started collecting these points about a year ago. Originally I wanted to get a Robux Gift card but turned out that Roblox doesn't support Rixty payment anymore. So then I claimed a steam card. I was kind of anxious and thought this was a scam because it took a month for the card to be delivered. Turns out I was wrong I just needed to wait a little more. It's all good now! I'm very satisfied! :)


Jul 27, 2019

Got a Minecraft code from here


Jul 22, 2019

very good and a trusted website


Jul 15, 2019

it´s good.


Jul 10, 2019

Excelente, tarde 1 año y 6 meses para reunir los 3000 points, pero lo importante es que se pudo y tardó en llegarme el pago en 1 mes o 3 semanas no me acuerdo bien, yo creí que no me llegaría, pero al final me llegó y estoy muy agradecido.


Jul 08, 2019

Very good


Jul 05, 2019

It's ok


Jul 03, 2019

Great site


Jul 02, 2019

This is a good website but you just need patience which I think why a lot of people don't use the website a lot because they want to earn money fast.


Jun 30, 2019

hello, thank you very much for the 20 dollar code, they are the best and if I try hard for this, thanks pointprizes


Jun 29, 2019

Really great i got my gift card real. Took a long time but it was great.


Jun 28, 2019



Jun 27, 2019

Really works!!