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Oct 28, 2017
this website is great as hell i like it wow
Oct 27, 2017
PointsPrizes is one of my FAVORITE websites to earn money! It's Lightning Fast, Legit, and only takes 20 seconds to sign up! 5 STARS!!
Oct 26, 2017
It is a very good website!! I would 10/10 recomend it!!
Oct 25, 2017
The site is slow with the payment,, but it does pay off like it says. It doesn't take too long either to build up points. I really like the site
Oct 25, 2017
Thank you very much , thd best website ever
Oct 25, 2017
my psn code is 15 digits, but psn only accepts 12 digits.What do I do?Could you change the PSN digit?
Oct 25, 2017
It seems our claims team has sent you a $20 Steam code by mistake. We will create a customer service ticket and send you your $20 PSN code. Once you receive your code we would very much appreciate it if you could update this review. Sorry about that!
Oct 24, 2017
I've been searching for a way to earn free PSN Gift cards in order to buy games for my PS4/PS3 for around 2-3 years and finally found a site which has allowed me to do so :D.

I've been using this site for the past 5 months now and have earned around 40$ for around 4-5 hours of work per month using this site. So far I have never faced any issues regarding my payment or any non-converting offers as this site only offers you verifiable surveys which do not ask your personal info such as email addresses, CC details etc.

In order to help other such users who have lost hope about sites which genuinely provide payments and gift codes for offers, I decided to setup a blog which provides a detailed breakdown of PointsPrizes which has payment proofs with my own videos, free coupons , offers per region , tips on how to earn points and a whole lot more.

Here is the link to my blog:

All in all, PointsPrizes is an amazing site which I completely trust and I highly value its support staff which have even gone to the extent of emailing me that I hadn't activated my PayPal email and requested me to do so in order to complete my payment :D.

Hats off to you guys for such a brilliant service :D.
Oct 23, 2017
Oct 21, 2017
Was a very pleasant experience. I got the card just as promised and everything whent flawlessly. :)
Oct 21, 2017
I would highly recommend PointsPrizes really great site to earns some extra money online. I just received my $20 Paypal reward. Although, it took 15 days to confirm my offers and send me my reward it didn't take long at all to earn enough to redeem the $20.

Payment Proof:
Oct 19, 2017
Today I received my first free PayPal money. Soon after my submission of the earned points , quick process of the concerned authorities made me to receive the money immediately. I am really very happy .No typical steps . Easy step by step instructions.I earned this money in a very short period of time.I continued my efforts of earning points for my further rewards.
Oct 19, 2017
Always proud to pointsprizes ... My favorite website ... Ummmuachh
Oct 18, 2017
Hi, first of all I am anxious to thank you for what you made. At the beginning I did not believe in it and thought that it was as other site, but I always kept hope. Until today that I received my money. I consider good to keep earning money in your site and the good sure to make him known by the friends. Thank you again and I joined a capture as a proof of the payment. Just, I know more only tell except for you to thank and always continue so by making you positively know.
Oct 18, 2017
This is best website to get rewarded for psn code , i got 3 times 20$ psn code
Oct 17, 2017
Trustworthy site
Oct 16, 2017
Sangat memuaskan
Oct 16, 2017
Great website for me. literally couldnt believe it at first but now I do. Recommended for all of you people looking for great gift websites
Oct 14, 2017
This is a wonderful and excellent application
Oct 13, 2017
good jop
Oct 13, 2017
Pointsprizes is awesome!
PointsPrizes is a website that allows users to earn free gift cards and cash payments. Earn enough points and then claim prizes straight to your email.
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