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Oct 10, 2018
I did alot of research in trying to find the most versatile and well-built sawmill I could before purchasing the HM130. I'm very happy with my purchase of the HM130 sawmill as it has proven to be a straight-forward, hardworking piece of equipment. I own my own woodlot and thus spend a good amount of time cutting and milling my own wood. The money I have saved by cutting my own custom-sized lumber is huge. What sets Woodland Mills apart from other companies I have spoken to that sell sawmills is the customer service. I've spoken with staff at Woodland Mills prior to and after purchasing the mill and have been treated very well. Being able to talk to someone who knows the equipment inside and out has helped me to fine-tune the sawmill to cut effectively and run smoothly time after time. I was so happy with the customer service and quality of the mill that I also purchased the Woodland Mills WC68 woodchipper. That positive buying experience is a story for another time though. If I were to do things again, I buy the HM130 without hesitation. Thank you Woodland Mills.
Sep 25, 2018
I spent a lot of time researching before I bought th WC68 chipper. I found the sales staff to be very helpful as I was deciding whether to by it. I felt they were honest about both the strengths and the limitations of the machine. It’s a great machine and great value. I have done a lot of chipping with it, very efficient. When I had a minor problem, customer service was extremely helpful and responsive. I highly recommend the WC68 chipper.
Apr 13, 2018
I'm very pleased with the purchase and the performance. It has been a great time saver to say the least. I'm not a big fan of burning wood piles and this implement has given me the opportunity to create my own mulch. Cudos to your engineering team on their design. The unit was very simple to set up and attach. I would highly recommend this unit and I will definitely purchase from Woodland Mills in the future.

Feb 02, 2018
I love supporting companies I find worthwhile, and I always try to steer folks in your direction when they are considering getting in as a hobbyist! I have been beyond pleased with mine! I definitely love it. My wife and I are building a log cabin, and having another track extension would do us good for a 20x16 cabin. You guys and gals rock! I can't say enough that this is the best sawmill out there, bar none. It cuts with accuracy, and I get consistently smooth cuts again and again. Woodland Mills is the best!
Dec 01, 2017
Here is a picture of the first log that I cut on my new HM126. I have to say I am very pleased with saw! It met and exceeded my expectations. Also all the communication I've had with customer service has been a pleasure. I would definitely rate you a 5 star. Thanks
Aug 14, 2017
Without hesitations, I give Woodland Mills 5 stars. The chipper works well. By far it exceeds my expectations. It' s hooked up to a 39hp tractor and easily chips 5-6"ť logs. From the time i ordered until delivery the service was excellent. I highly recommend Woodland Mills.
Aug 01, 2017
Sending along a couple pics of my new mill. Arrival and set up went very well. Starting out with smaller logs till I get more comfortable with the mill. Of course have had questions along the way but tech support has been great. Thanks to Derrick and Gordon. Looking forward to many years of happy cutting.
Jul 19, 2017
Nice little surprise running my HM130 on a funky looking red oak log tonight! Thank you so much! I love Woodland Mills. Your service and support is top notch! We are a full blown Woodland Mills family! All 5 of us run the mill as a family. It's a blast!
Apr 12, 2017
Our kudos to all at Woodland Mills, from sales to service and support! We purchased our HM126 after much research of many other sawmills on the market. The HM126 arrived in a timely manner, well packaged and without damage. Assembly was easy and after setting up it started right off. We have a neighbor with a Woodmizer and he was very impressed with the ease of use of our mill compared to his, and also with the price. This winter we are building a trailer to truly make it portable. Your videos are very helpful and well done. We are looking forward to many years of milling. Again congratulations to all at Woodland Mills.
Feb 22, 2017
The mill is working great! We've kept busy with it and are really happy with it so far! We've built a work area for it, and here was our first major project. 100% of the wood for the gazebo was milled using the new saw! Thanks so much for the great service! We got a call within 12 hours of placing the order to ask how we made out and if we had any questions or concerns. The mill came quickly and we couldn't be happier with it. I would definitely recommend Woodland Mills! Thanks for everything!
Nov 08, 2016
Thought I would send some pictures of the new home for my new HM126 saw mill. First I would like to say that I absolutely love the HM126 and I am having a ball with it. I am trying to convince my wife that all the trees in our yard are sickly and need to come down (just kidding). I am very pleased with the product, help from the tech people, and the very pleasant purchasing experience thanks to Brenna who took my order. I chose to send pictures of my shed construction instead of me sawing logs because I searched the internet trying to get ideas on how to build a shed to keep my new saw in but could not find very much help. I hope the pictures can help someone when building their shed. First, I used 1/4" x 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" galvanized angle iron concreted in the ground for my main frame; this of course can be done by using heavy treated lumber instead. I used the angle iron because I had an opportunity to purchase a bunch of it a few years ago at scrap prices. Second, I built my shed at the end of my track instead of at the beginning; I did this so I would not have to step over the track extension every time I cranked the engine. I thought of another idea that might be of some help to someone; I noticed on some of the videos where a large log was being rotated that the track and the 6 x 6 wooden supports would lift off the ground a few inches so I took (4) 3 foot long pieces of rebarb and drilled holes in two of the 6 x 6s out toward the end of the track. I hammered 2 of them on the LH side straight down through the wooden supports and into the ground. I put the other 2 pieces of rebarb on the RN side and hammered them through the wooden supports at an angle to help keep the rebarb from pulling out of the ground. I also welded small square pieces of steel to the end of the 4 pieces of rebarb which also helps to keep them from pulling out of the ground. I know this is probably boring to most people but I hope it helps at least one person. Again, I am very pleased with my HM126 and I feel like I chose the right saw mill, the right company and the right people to do business with. THANK YOU WOODLAND MILLS!!!
Oct 11, 2016
I am loving my 722 from Woodland Mills. I have sawn poplar 2x's for my brother to help him finish framing his barn. Currently I am working on replacing the railings around my porch. As you can see from the pictures, I am using cedar for the framing and have incorporated laser cut metal panel inserts that have been custom cut for the project. I really appreciate the customer service I have received with Woodland Mills. It is something of a rarity these days. I spent around 2 years researching sawmills before purchasing the 722 and I must say, it has met and even exceeded my expectations. I would and have already recommended Woodland Mills to anyone who has inquired. Thanks,
Jun 13, 2016
Hi Brenna, Thanks for the follow up email regarding my purchase of the HM130 sawmill. It is refreshing to see a company that takes an ongoing interest in its customers. I am not surprised by this because the staff at your place in Port Perry were super friendly and helpful when I picked up my mill and on a previous visit when I dropped in to have a look prior to buying. Since I purchased the mill last spring I have probably cut only 2000 bd ft of lumber, mostly pine and some cherry. The mill has worked flawlessly. It has lots of power to cut large diameter logs and the cut is amazingly smooth with a sharp blade and the proper feed rate. The only thing that I would do differently, would be to purchase the extra track section to accommodate longer logs, maybe in the spring I'll give you a call and order it. The mill is currently put to bed for the winter under tarps at my brother-in-law's woodlot. Next spring, I hope to cut a lot more lumber and perhaps build a saw shed so that I could continue to cut during the winter months without the hassle of the snow. Perhaps then, I can send you some actual pictures of the mill and my setup. For now, all I have are a few pictures of my lumber stash that I have at my home. The pine is for finishing the inside of my garage / shop, and the cherry is for a few woodworking projects once it dries a little more. Thanks Dan
May 17, 2016
All expectations have been met or exceeded. From the product to the service. Thanks to all the good folks at Woodland Mills!
Sep 25, 2015
Amazing mill along with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Cuts with no effort.
Sep 11, 2015
I purchased the HM126 about 4 months ago and I am very pleased and can't beat it for the price. I have only had one issue and 2 days after a 30 second call to Woodland Mills, the parts were here. Great company to work with. The first day after receiving the mill in the dark
Aug 06, 2015
I must say the machine is working like a Trojan, great machine. I owe that all to you and your great service next to none. You were willing to do anything to rectify my small problem and indeed you did fix it. If you ever need someone to show there machine to any buyers down in our area I would be pleased to do so. Thank you again for your excellent service and may God bless your business Best wishes
Jul 20, 2015
You and your company have been a joy to work with. I attached a couple of pictures of our granddaughter after her father and I cut some birch and cherry he plans to use for cabinets in their home.
May 05, 2015
I have had my HM126 Sawmill for almost a year and it has been the best thing. I have cut so many logs with the greatest of ease. I have attached some pictures of the final products as the result of the HM126 Sawmill. I am having a great time. The support staff have been very nice and courteous. Thank you again.
Apr 20, 2015
First I would comment on the excellent service I have received from Woodland Mills. I am a bit nutty when it comes to customer service and you guys are a breath of fresh air. That alone might prejudice my opinion of the mill. Attached are two pictures of my mill in action. The first picture is of my mill setup. In this picture I am milling a large oak log. The log was a little over 15 feet long and just wide enough to make it into the mill (actually I had to cut it a bit with a chainsaw on the sides to allow it to fit). In the left of the picture is a oversized saw horse I made from the very first log I cut. It is made of ash and can handle over 500 pounds of cutoffs. The oak log yielded boards 17" wide. The tractor is on the right side allowing wood to be stacked directly onto the forks and then carried to a hoop greenhouse that I use as a barn for drying. At this point I have mainly cut hardwoods that are left over from hurricane Sandy in 2012. This is a great product and friends and neighbors have stopped by to ask about it and see it in action.
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