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Apr 01, 2015
Here are some pics preparing logs to build a log Garage; I also built the structure over the sawmill by using the sawmill to flatten the logs; You can see why I need extra track.
Mar 16, 2015
We have had the mill for a year and a half and still love it. We use it mainly for reclaimed fir beams and the mill doesn't skip a beat. Thank you Woodland Mills for an amazing product and the wonderful service to go with it.
Feb 26, 2015
Thank you so much for your incredible service! We shopped around for months and we are very pleased to be using woodland mills and their products! Couldn't be happier!
Feb 09, 2015
Hi all, I built a trailer for the sawmill but I have not got it painted yet. I really like the saw a lot! It is just what I need to do things around our little farm, and it is a pleasure dealing with everyone that I talk to at Woodland Mills. The people are just so nice! I just like to take the time to say thank-you, it means a lot to me that I have someone I can call if I need to. Thank you much, Karl WV USA
Jan 02, 2015
Here are some pics of your mill in action here in northern California. We love this little mill! Bang for the buck is unsurpassed for a small mill. Thanks for all your help and the customer service is fantastic!
Oct 30, 2014
One of my many projects made with logs from our acreage, milled with the HM 126 Woodland mill. Some of the larger pieces are the 3"x10" x 21' horizontal beams and the 8"x8"x16' support posts. I've owned the mill for 3 years now no issues and works awesome. The staff at Woodland mills is very courteous, knowledgeable and very helpful. Thanks again, Elmer
Sep 26, 2014
Hello Brenna Thank you so much for getting back to me so soon and your excellent customer support! We've had our HM126 Sawmill for about a year and a half now and it's been great!
Jun 19, 2014
Figured it was about time I gave some feedback on the hm126, in one word, GREAT! From the first day until now, just great! Mill was easy to assemble ,very little adjustments were needed. Once it was together (height adjustment cable, and throttle cable.) first log on the deck and it cut like butter! Now its been a little over one year and the mill is still performing flawlessly. It easily paid for itself in just under one year, including more blades and some support equipment(log turners,chains,ect) . I bought the mill to support my wood working hobby and it's done that and more. This mill is the perfect size and fit for any hobbyist, and is extremely affordable and requires very little maintenance. My goals this year for the mill are to lengthen the bed and to make it portable. Doing this will increase the milling services I can offer and in turn making me more money! Again I can't say enough about this mill, simply great. negatives? well one; i should have bought this mill a long time ago! lol. Positives, every one in the company was great to deal with and extremely helpful. Mill was easy to set up and use from day one. Mill has been nothing but reliable every time its used. I'll send along some pictures of work done and projects made with the wood. Thanks again for such a great product.
Mar 29, 2014
We have had our sawmill about 3 years now and have sawed lots of wood. It is very simple to use and does everything we need. We were able to build this camp with the first year we had the sawmill. Now we are busy sawing board and baton for the exterior paneling. We have sawed some oak and maple for shelving and decor items. For a hobbyist these mills are affordable and perfect and the woodland Mills team offer great service. Thank you
Feb 06, 2014
To the ladies in the office, you are angels between you and the technician, you were able to help with a solution to a problem I was having. Thanks for having a great team to work with. Looking forward to building more with the sawmill.
Nov 30, 2013
I wanted to thank everyone at Woodland Mills for an outstanding experience. We would be so happy to tell future customers how wonderful we find your equipment.. I have the house standing and used what treated I needed to but as for all the interior and exterior sidings and cabinets also all doors and hardwood floors are being made with your mill. The trailer is a monster and I have set new # numbers on that thing.. lol... The trailer now has a 5000# winch on it and it still keeps hauling them logs.. We are so happy that we picked your company and the money we have saved making everything by hand is close to $200,000 We love our Woodland Mill and my buddies will attest to how great this trailer is.
Sep 26, 2013
As far as owning the model that we have, HM126, it has been of great value and use to my husband. He has been able to do amazing thing with the logs he has milled. He has made a lot of things for our home. He was just as you said, " A kid at Christmas" when he got the Mill.....I would highly recommend the Mill to anyone and have to all who have asked us about it.....thank you again for the help with the bolts and your customer service is outstanding......
Apr 12, 2013
I am loving my HM126. After 2 summers of sawing, the mill has more than paid for itself. I've built a 10' x 12' woodshed, an 8' x 12' utility shed, a working chute for our cattle herd and a bunch of lumber for friends and other small projects. Looking forward to many years of sawing and bigger projects ahead! The few times I've had to call, your customer service has been awesome and I appreciate that and I have recommended the mill to several others.
Mar 18, 2013
I've had my mill for over 3 years now and built these two barns and many other projects. The mill works great! I am very pleased with the mill and the wonderful service.
Sep 04, 2012
Dear Woodland Mills Team, Thank you for your super service! I picked up my sawmill in October 2012 in Zurich. Now you see the first Woodland Mill located in Switzerland with four-wheel drive. It is mounted on an old Engine-Mono-Axle with drivewheel-trailer (built in 1955, payload capacity 1 ton/2204 lb). With two self made special extensions, I cut a length of 5.2m (17ft) directly to the trailer. I am very happy with this sawmill. Josh, Neil, Julie, thank you very much!
Mar 16, 2012
Hi there, I am the proud new owner of a band saw mill HM126. I made up a stand for my saw with help from my nephew Rick and it worked out perfectly. This is just the temporary location for my mill. I will be putting it under cover ASAP. As the pictures show, I have just put the first few logs through and I couldn't be happier with it's performance. The log I am milling is an ash log which is a very hard wood but the saw gave exactly the results I was looking for. I am about to purchase a few more items for my mill and the company is exceptional to deal with, everyone I spoke with was very knowledgeable and the service is great!
May 12, 2011
Timber frame garage here we come! Looking forward to putting some hours on this mill, looks great guys and your service has been top notch.
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